Please take time to read this page before you decide what to do next.  If the animal is a baby, scroll all the way down and read what to do.

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 It is illegal in Oregon to keep wildlife unless you hold special permits.  The penalties for being found to break these laws are steep!

Wild animals are unpredictable, adults and children can be injured by wild animals.  Wild animals can expose people to disease and introduce them to parasites.

Uneducated human intervention almost always is not in the best interest of a wild animal.

Usually, animals that have been fed or treated by uneducated people do not survive.  Each animal has specific requirements, needs that uneducated people can not even fathom.

Bottle feeding a neonate animal can easily result in death due to aspiration pneumonia.

When a wild animal is imprinted, it’s chance of survival in the wild are severely reduced.  People realize way to late that living with a wild animal is a bad decision.  By then the animal’s life  has been certainly doomed do to nutritional deficiency or imprinting.

If you can catch a wild bird or animal, something is usually very wrong.  Healthy wild animals do not follow people and should not be able to be caught.  If you observe this, or have caught a wild animal, please call us immediately.  An animal that is behaving like this is in serious trouble and needs help fast.

We prefer that you either bring the wildlife to us or arrange to meet us somewhere but if this is not possible we will pick up the wildlife if at all possible.   We are unable to go rescue an animal UNLESS someone will stay with the animal until our arrival.  This eliminates time wasted on searching blindly for an animal when it is likely camouflaged or may no longer remain in the last known location.

A Mother Doe uses the "benign neglect" survival strategy for her young. She leaves them alone all day, returning periodically throughout the day to feed them. They have no scent, and will stay very still if disturbed. Thus a predator will walk right by them, and not be aware of their presence in the bush. These fawns are NOT abandoned. Their Mother is nearby.

If you are worried or concerned that the bunny or fawn is thin, shaking, bleeding, crying, or has been there for more than 24 hours, then call the numbers listed here and we will assist you in determining what to do.

Together, we can save them....

A rehabber’s worst nightmare is to have to try to save an animal that has been permanently damaged by well meaning people.